Doing Something Different…

It’s overwhelming when your task list looks more like a how-to guide to seek insanity. Let’s not even start on internet distractions (including that Osama madness) that keeps us up loooooong past bedtime. One website link to another….and another…most recent Facebook posts, Twitter, oh my. Raise your hand if you are reading this and have 5 other webpages behind this one (or page tabs for my beloved MAC users).

For all my self-taught folks of the entrepreneur status, have you done so much, and felt like you’ve done nothing at all? Google “productivity”, and you’re thrown in the bowels of blogs, websites, ebooks, Amazon listings for anything and everything productivity advice related. Too much, I say.

So why the constant head-butting with the “too much to handle and don’t know where to start or stop” blues? Me-thinks it’s probably because we are looking for the same information, doing the same sort of things to get things done, same tactics to help us stay motivated. And here’s a thought on motivation: that’s a means to help you do something that you really don’t have the passion or even interest in. Motivational Speakers are to help you stay…..well, motivated. But why does it take someone else to kick you in the backside to get you going? Did you attend a 4 hour long workshop to get you motivated to eat that chilli cheese hot dog or buy that expensive new car? Nope. We do what we desire to do, and we know it! When you start looking for “motivators” to keep you on track (or to get back on), that should be your first clue that you’re losing interest, and may want to investigate if that’s the strategy or avenue of execution for you.

What about Inspiration? It’s a means to give your creative spirit ideas to create, start, or manifest something. A bit different from motivation, yes? Raise your hand if you’ve heard plenty of people say that they need motivation to start a business, and have yet to even brainstorm ideas for one. Raise your hand if you’re one of those people! Now, what happens when they see or read a story of someone who has started their own business despite their shortcomings, obstacles, or personal faults that resonate with their own issues?  Inspiration! And a lot of inspiring people were inspired by someone else.

What’s my point in all this? Not sure, but I think this is my idea: just do something different, read different things, go different places, converse with different people, and let’s see what happens. I need to add this to my task list.

p.s. if this post was even slightly inspiring to you, please purchase my book BLACK LOVE: Challenging the Status Quo!

4 thoughts on “Doing Something Different…

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  3. Greetings,

    Your blog is on point in many ways. One key factor that I like is “… just do something different, read different things, go different places, converse with different people, and let’s see what happens.”.
    Get out from the norm of waiting to be motivated; make things happen.

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