About Me

My life has been amazingly beautiful, and I am forever grateful for the experience of being creative, imaginative and loved. Growing up in Los Angeles was full of joviality, a supportive family, loving friends, and the resources to create my own reality that was based around creative expression.

I enjoy exploring the countless options to manifest a creative thought, that sometimes I feel possessed by a creative force more powerful that I can ever imagine. I am the sum of my Ancestors, and I feel their need to continue to manifest their creative ideas and thoughts. So I obey.

I’ve been taught by example the responsibility we have to our community, so I have taken volunteering opportunities with grassroot organizations to tutoring programs to public radio. There are many more things I want to contribute, and the list will never cease.

So is Shay Fresh my real name? Half so. One day (many years ago) while working behind the uneventful customer service desk at Bed Bath and Beyond, I decided that if I were ever become a DJ, my professional name would be “Shay Fresh”. I even went as far as putting the moniker on my employee badge, in which I would be reprimanded by my supervisors, but held in fascination by customers. Over the years, the moniker stuck to me like double-sided tape. Sometimes, when I call certain people, they only recognize me by ‘Shay Fresh’ and not by my mother-issued name!

My most prized and profound experience is motherhood. My daughter is such a brilliant and loving spirit, and I can always depend on her to teach me a thing or two about life. My partner Sadiki Bakari is an awesome man, accomplished author and lecturer. Together, we are creating a legacy for our family and future generations.