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Black Love addresses topics that the Black community is confronted with, and examines its relevance to love through compositions, poetry and other forms of expression. This book is a means to stimulate dialogue about the phenomenon that we co-exist with.

Total pages: 129


Excerpt from Introduction:

The objective is to break the limitation on the perception of what “Black Love” is supposed to be, and use this goal as a means to promote collective responsibility to bring forth healing to ourselves, our families, and our community.

The term “status quo” essentially means keeping things the way they presently are.  With the current state of our Black communities from my perspective, and with feedback from different communities, there is a need to re-claim our power to define our reality.  We have to challenge everything that is being taught, broadcasted, and handed down to us that interferes with positive progress, or oppresses our true essence.

The Adrinka symbol illustrated on the cover of this book symbolizes Sankofa, or reaching for the wisdom from the past, in order to create positive progress in the present.  When I see this heart-shaped symbol, I think of how we should use the wisdom left by our Ancestors to create a more loving and stronger community.

This book comes from the wisdom I have received in the past, and the desire to help re-capture how powerful we are as a people.  Black Love is about our community, our issues, our world, and how love is connected to it all.


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