Feminine Transitions: Book and Exhibition

When I launched the fundraiser to produce “Black Love: Challenging the Status Quo”, I learned some valuable lessons in Support Network 101. Some unexpected lessons (and supporters), and I even made an acquaintance with a fellow project fundraiser host. I’m so glad to see sistas bringing their ideas and project goals to the forefront. Here’s a project that is currently in the works that I think you should at least check out and support, if you are inclined to do.

Excerpt from Kickstarter:

“Creation, birth, love, pain, joy, new beginnings, new commitments, renewal, transitioning from birth to old age. Feminine Transitions is a picture book that captures the physical changes of females with the passage of time. It is a glimpse into the lives of multiple females from infancy to seniority.”

Visit this project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2126631139/feminine-transitions-book-and-exhibition


Alice ‘The Poet’ Nicholas says…

” ‘Black Love’ is glorious through and through. More than poetry, commentary and instruction steeped in pure love and purpose, it is a reference manual; one that should be in heavy rotation! I sometimes write in my books; the good books that teach me something or force me to reflect, so you know I’m loving “The Factor of Reflection” section!”

She’s one of the literary artists that I admire. Read up on her work here…NOW.

Dynamic Weekend – July 30th & 31st


Los Angeles! You  have two events to look forward to this weekend. Please support me and my husband’s quest to serve our community with our talent, and enriched products. First up….ME!

I have honor of joining the dynamic artist and poet Jaha Zainabu for a special art show and July’s edition of RED STORIES 7 this Saturday evening…

“Jaha Zainabu & Shay Fresh Art Show ” will be held from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm and RED STORIES is from 7pm-10pm

Come join us at Vibrations 2435 Manchester, Inglewood (near Van Ness). $10 gets you in for a good time!

Now that your Saturday is locked in, let’s get to Sunday evening:


Repost from ART by SHAY FRESH Website

I’ve been honored to have a woman by the name of Nancy Watson purchase my Sankofa piece recently. How exhilarating it feels to know that someone that you don’t know invest in your creative work. As I floated on Cloud 10 and wondered about the life of my latest investor, I stopped to reflect on my own.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” has to be one of the most infamous inquiries to exist. As a youngster, my response varied from Artist, Inventor, Writer, (then evolving into), Actress, Model, and Dancer. As my life unfolded, I became exposed to recurring battles with fear, doubt, and uncertainty, thrusting me into the abyss of “what do I want to be, now that I’ve grown up?”

To answer the question: to live life with joy. I will no longer latch myself to one particular occupation, in hopes that it will always fulfill my ever-longing desires. Life is like Hometown Buffet…you get where I’m going with this.

I will absolutely continue to create art, but I will also take pauses to pursue other interests. Not “flighty”, but just willing to be open to other experiences.

Live life with joy. All else will follow.

My Contribution to National Poetry Month


It’s like the anticipation of a 4-year old

Standing outside with raised hands

Covered with woolly mittens

Beckoning for that enlarged snowflake

To cut through cold air

And find its warmth on tiny tongue –


Anxious for what’s to come

There is no tomorrow

Only the moment of now

Reluctantly gave up microwaved dreams

For oven-baked goals

No need for beliefs-

Because I KNOW

That I will reap the greatest rewards

That life could ever offer.


© Shay Fresh.

Artist Reception @ Gallery Expo a Success!








What a brilliant evening to celebrate “Of or By Blacks”, an art exhibit hosted by Gallery Expo in Long Beach, CA. My piece “Golden Hours” was selected to showcase along with other artists and their work to honor Black History Month. I felt proud. I felt humbled. With the presence of my friends and family, I felt loved!

Please support this exhibit if you can – it’s currently running until February 26th:

Gallery Expo
4321 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90001
Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4pm to 8pm
First Friday of each month 6pm to 10pm