4 x Black Love = $25 iTunes Giftcard


I’m feeling extra generous today! I have one $25 iTunes giftcard for someone brave enough to purchase 4 copies (in a single order!) of my book BLACK LOVE: Challenging the Status Quo.

I’ve been close friends with iTunes lately! Here’s my most recent purchases:

  • ZhaneSaturday Night (complete w/ High school flashbacks)
  • Ester Hicks e-books (keeps me inspired on the law of attraction edge)
  • A few songs from Loose Ends (I’m an 80’s baby, okay?)
  • A couple of songs by Raphael Saadiq (don’t sleep on his retro sounds!)

Black Love Testimony: Clement Howard


“I’ve completed reading your book Black Love and I must say those were some of the most thought provoking words I have come across in some time. It is a necessity to be reminded of the importance of spreading love, the need to be more loving with each passing day and that “true love” is encoded in our DNA from birth.  This book has reaffirm this and thank you for it. 

The poems are the work of a true artist. 

I have since passed your book onto a family member, with the hope it will act as a form of inspiration to them. I will do my best to spread the word about your work and I am hopeful you will get all the support needed.”


Feminine Transitions: Book and Exhibition

When I launched the fundraiser to produce “Black Love: Challenging the Status Quo”, I learned some valuable lessons in Support Network 101. Some unexpected lessons (and supporters), and I even made an acquaintance with a fellow project fundraiser host. I’m so glad to see sistas bringing their ideas and project goals to the forefront. Here’s a project that is currently in the works that I think you should at least check out and support, if you are inclined to do.

Excerpt from Kickstarter:

“Creation, birth, love, pain, joy, new beginnings, new commitments, renewal, transitioning from birth to old age. Feminine Transitions is a picture book that captures the physical changes of females with the passage of time. It is a glimpse into the lives of multiple females from infancy to seniority.”

Visit this project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2126631139/feminine-transitions-book-and-exhibition

Purchase a Copy of BLACK LOVE for $10!


As I am surrounded by 30 copies of books to be signed for 30 wonderful people, I pondered on how blessed I am to have the support of the community; who has an interest in the message I am sharing. The thought has me feelin’ good today, so now would be a great time to transform my regular price of $15 to $10 for my well-received book, BLACK LOVE: Challenging the Status Quo. Click HERE to partake in this special (hurry, hurry, hurry)! Thank you in advance for your support!

Alice ‘The Poet’ Nicholas says…

” ‘Black Love’ is glorious through and through. More than poetry, commentary and instruction steeped in pure love and purpose, it is a reference manual; one that should be in heavy rotation! I sometimes write in my books; the good books that teach me something or force me to reflect, so you know I’m loving “The Factor of Reflection” section!”

She’s one of the literary artists that I admire. Read up on her work here…NOW.

Dynamic Weekend – July 30th & 31st


Los Angeles! You  have two events to look forward to this weekend. Please support me and my husband’s quest to serve our community with our talent, and enriched products. First up….ME!

I have honor of joining the dynamic artist and poet Jaha Zainabu for a special art show and July’s edition of RED STORIES 7 this Saturday evening…

“Jaha Zainabu & Shay Fresh Art Show ” will be held from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm and RED STORIES is from 7pm-10pm

Come join us at Vibrations 2435 Manchester, Inglewood (near Van Ness). $10 gets you in for a good time!

Now that your Saturday is locked in, let’s get to Sunday evening:


BLACK LOVE Book Signing @ Blessed Love – April 21st


I’m continuing the BLACK LOVE book signing ‘tour’, and I’m elated to bring my book to Blessed Love. This is going to be an intimate gathering, and I will be discussing some topics from the book as well as a little bit of poetry reading. This is a family-owned business with lots of Caribbean-theme novelties, including clothing, music, DVD’s, and more. Please come and support us!
Thursday, April 21st – 6pm
1404 W Vernon Avenue (southwest corner of Normandie)
Los Angeles, CA 90062
Bus. Phone: (323) 292-5214

BLACK LOVE eBook Now Available!

I’m please to announce that BLACK LOVE: Challenging the Status Quo is now available as an eBook! For $7.50, you can enjoy the digital version of my work, and yet I will continue to offer hard copies of the title.

I’m excited that so many people have supported this project, and have provided valuable feedback. I look forward to providing various methods of delivery to fulfill your need for convenience!

Download your eBook here