In Support Of: Dr. ChenziRa D. Kahina & Per Ankh

A very special elder in my life is celebrating her birthday this week. Dr. Chenzira is a collection of strength and courage to serve her community – domestic and abroad – in a powerful way. I thought this was a great cause to show support for, and I hope you do too.
In her words:
Please consider giving to my Birthday Wish, and together:
  • We can support Per Ankh Institute to help one of our sister organizations God’s House International finish their medical clinic in Freetown, Sierra Leone; 
  • We may assist KWANZAA365 complete their Sankofa Saturdays curriculum and resources to educate, edify and empower our youth in the VI and beyond; 
  • We may complete the 4 literary manuscripts prepared for publication for youth to learn to be masters of their destiny while serving the good of humanity; 
  • We may continue to provide educational and resourceful new media communications for our youth, families and communities as facilitated through LIB Networks, InnerLightRadio, Harambee Radio Networks, Per Ankh Mediaworxs and beyond; 
  • We may complete the sustainable construction of a holistic health and organic agricultural education center in Aswan, Egypt on lands donated to our charitable NPO NGO; 
  • We may support the sustainable development initiatives being spearheaded throughout the Virgin Islands and Caribbean to inspire youth to remain drug and crime free; 
  • We may support the NUWOMANRising LIVE UP healthcare, preventative health and safety education and empowerment movement for our Afrakan Caribbean Amerikan women and girls to create a face of health and wellness and decrease the rates of HIV/AIDS which are rampant in these regions; 
  • We may maintain our martial arts and sciences training programs with our Uat Nefer Aha Aaui Te school with a special focus for young men and women; and 
  • We may finish the construction of ecologically-sound centers for Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute’s projects while supporting other ventures making the world a better place holistically, environmentally, culturally and spiritually. 
  • & Much more is possible with your real support and others that share the mission-visoin of CHATS4LIFE with Per Ankh!


Black Love Testimony: Clement Howard


“I’ve completed reading your book Black Love and I must say those were some of the most thought provoking words I have come across in some time. It is a necessity to be reminded of the importance of spreading love, the need to be more loving with each passing day and that “true love” is encoded in our DNA from birth.  This book has reaffirm this and thank you for it. 

The poems are the work of a true artist. 

I have since passed your book onto a family member, with the hope it will act as a form of inspiration to them. I will do my best to spread the word about your work and I am hopeful you will get all the support needed.”


Feminine Transitions: Book and Exhibition

When I launched the fundraiser to produce “Black Love: Challenging the Status Quo”, I learned some valuable lessons in Support Network 101. Some unexpected lessons (and supporters), and I even made an acquaintance with a fellow project fundraiser host. I’m so glad to see sistas bringing their ideas and project goals to the forefront. Here’s a project that is currently in the works that I think you should at least check out and support, if you are inclined to do.

Excerpt from Kickstarter:

“Creation, birth, love, pain, joy, new beginnings, new commitments, renewal, transitioning from birth to old age. Feminine Transitions is a picture book that captures the physical changes of females with the passage of time. It is a glimpse into the lives of multiple females from infancy to seniority.”

Visit this project here:

But What Would ‘Jesus’ Say?


“Every religion on the planet, and there are so many more than you are even aware of, has the potential of absolute thriving. But when you think that you must prove that you have the only one that is right—and you use your condemnation to push against the others—your condemnation separates you from your own Connection that, before your condemnation, you were finding in your own religion.”

– Abraham (Ester Hicks)

Repost from ART by SHAY FRESH Website

I’ve been honored to have a woman by the name of Nancy Watson purchase my Sankofa piece recently. How exhilarating it feels to know that someone that you don’t know invest in your creative work. As I floated on Cloud 10 and wondered about the life of my latest investor, I stopped to reflect on my own.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” has to be one of the most infamous inquiries to exist. As a youngster, my response varied from Artist, Inventor, Writer, (then evolving into), Actress, Model, and Dancer. As my life unfolded, I became exposed to recurring battles with fear, doubt, and uncertainty, thrusting me into the abyss of “what do I want to be, now that I’ve grown up?”

To answer the question: to live life with joy. I will no longer latch myself to one particular occupation, in hopes that it will always fulfill my ever-longing desires. Life is like Hometown Buffet…you get where I’m going with this.

I will absolutely continue to create art, but I will also take pauses to pursue other interests. Not “flighty”, but just willing to be open to other experiences.

Live life with joy. All else will follow.

Be Happy When the Price Goes Up!


When we received a letter to introduce new ownership of our apartment community, I knew something was up. When the obnoxious sounds of vacant apartment units being ripped apart, then made anew, I knew something was stirring. Every unit gets brand new fancy windows?! C’mon. When we received the notice that our rent was going UP, I had a brief “What?!” moment, then I chose to entertain this thought – “That means our blessings are going UP too!”

There’s no point of getting bent out of shape about the rising gas prices. You have a car, and you need gas to fill it up (of course this does not happily apply to you “Green” drivers), so why not count on your blessings to increase to keep up with inflation? And for crying out loud, boycotting gas stations for a single day is a waste of time and energy; Obama and his gasoline buddies are somewhere laughing at you. Instead of spreading around emails to rally against the ‘Man’ and his evil gasoline tirade, why not encourage your network that blessings increase as the cost of living increases if you want them to? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you make the choice to think AND act this way. I’m not at 100%, but I damn sure remind myself daily of this power. If you think what I’m saying is “unrealistic”, or “metaphysical hogwash”, please keep your distance. The Broke-mentality is like a case of the chickenpox….or the case of cooties. Eww!