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Life is about evolving, and growing. may have brought you here before, but try it again – Instead of closing off this WordPress site, I will leave it up for a while, but no new information will be posted here…

To my subscribers, thank you.

See you at the new place!

What Do You Do…Everyday?

That’s a  great question. To clarify the context – what do you do everyday in regards to your business? As an “artrepreneur” (Art + Entrepreneur), I find myself doing a lot of researching and reading online, and creating/tweaking marketing materials, but I spend most of the day on these tasks that I hardly get to my actual creating process! Add a household/errands to run, sleep (somewhat), cooking, and social outings, and my art production goes doooowwwwn. No more excuses, the time is NOW!

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Free Fruit Trees (Score for the Community!)








My paternal Grandmother who resides in the Inland Empire pretty much runs a private Whole Foods in her backyard. Fruits and vegetables galore. Taking a quick stroll through her yard reminds me of the necessity of harvesting our own gardens of life-sustaining consumables. The Social Justice Learning Institute is making efforts to make this possible – for free. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (or willing to travel), and interested in this opportunity click here to visit their website for complete information.

Slight Obsession: Simply Wholesome’s Smoothies

Three words: Super Weight Gain.

I’m not a recovering anorexic or working to balance out an overly-active metabolism pardigm. Rather, I’m trying to get a peanut butter-in-a-smoothie fix. A heavy dollop of PB, Rice Dream, papaya juice, and I’m all good. Marked as #19 on the menu, I’m always keeping my frequent smoothie purchase card on me – working on card #2, THANK you.

5 Things I Like About Myself

When I decided to attempt to read every archived dose of inspiration on the Daily Om website (If you know how many archived Daily Om’s are online, you’re thinking I am a little crazy for this), one particular D.O. stood out on one particular page about writing out 5 things you like about yourself. Since I generally like myself, I did find this refreshing to have specifics in mind. Here it goes:

1. I have a great sense of humor and silliness

2. I have a non-stoppable creative spirit, and want to use this talent to enhance the quality of life for others

3. I am a Mother. I brought life into this world under no influence of drugs, so that my child had a standing chance to live a completely healthy life from the very beginning.

4. I love affection and give it freely.

5. I’m cool and laid back.

What’s your 5? Share them here!

Daily Om – Get Your Mind Right!

It seems as if someone is ear-hustling on my life, and transcribes an inspiring composition to guide my thoughts back into restfulness. Seriously. It’s seems with the last few weeks being challenging on a personal level, I check my email, and there awaits my A-ha moment for the day.

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