Affirmation of the Day


No matter what circumstances come into my existence, I am always healthy, intelligent, and living abundantly!


Creating Abundance

Abundance has been a recurring theme in our home, and it’s been reminding me about an exercise I practiced about 5 or 6 years ago to manifest $5,000 into my possession. I wrote the dollar figure on sticky notes – placed one on the center of my steering wheel, one of the back of my cell phone, and a small piece to put in the corner of my computer screen at work.

And it worked. In only a matter of a few months.

I was rear-ended by a guy while driving to work, and a police officer witnessed the accident, called the ambulance, submitted a police report, and the guy’s insurance company was sure hell to check a check QUICK for almost 5k (I received it at the same time as my work paycheck). My car wasn’t even worth 5k, and the bumper barely had a dent! And going to the hospital was a “just in case” action, but I wasn’t hurt, just a bit “shook up”. Now, this was not the ideal way I wanted to receive the money, but this was a lesson in specifying that you would like to receive your blessing in a “safe and balanced” manner.

Now I have a much larger dollar figure to work on.

How to you exercise your power to create your desires?