Black Love Testimony: Clement Howard


“I’ve completed reading your book Black Love and I must say those were some of the most thought provoking words I have come across in some time. It is a necessity to be reminded of the importance of spreading love, the need to be more loving with each passing day and that “true love” is encoded in our DNA from birth.  This book has reaffirm this and thank you for it. 

The poems are the work of a true artist. 

I have since passed your book onto a family member, with the hope it will act as a form of inspiration to them. I will do my best to spread the word about your work and I am hopeful you will get all the support needed.”



Alice ‘The Poet’ Nicholas says…

” ‘Black Love’ is glorious through and through. More than poetry, commentary and instruction steeped in pure love and purpose, it is a reference manual; one that should be in heavy rotation! I sometimes write in my books; the good books that teach me something or force me to reflect, so you know I’m loving “The Factor of Reflection” section!”

She’s one of the literary artists that I admire. Read up on her work here…NOW.