Be Happy When the Price Goes Up!


When we received a letter to introduce new ownership of our apartment community, I knew something was up. When the obnoxious sounds of vacant apartment units being ripped apart, then made anew, I knew something was stirring. Every unit gets brand new fancy windows?! C’mon. When we received the notice that our rent was going UP, I had a brief “What?!” moment, then I chose to entertain this thought – “That means our blessings are going UP too!”

There’s no point of getting bent out of shape about the rising gas prices. You have a car, and you need gas to fill it up (of course this does not happily apply to you “Green” drivers), so why not count on your blessings to increase to keep up with inflation? And for crying out loud, boycotting gas stations for a single day is a waste of time and energy; Obama and his gasoline buddies are somewhere laughing at you. Instead of spreading around emails to rally against the ‘Man’ and his evil gasoline tirade, why not encourage your network that blessings increase as the cost of living increases if you want them to? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you make the choice to think AND act this way. I’m not at 100%, but I damn sure remind myself daily of this power. If you think what I’m saying is “unrealistic”, or “metaphysical hogwash”, please keep your distance. The Broke-mentality is like a case of the chickenpox….or the case of cooties. Eww!