4 x Black Love = $25 iTunes Giftcard


I’m feeling extra generous today! I have one $25 iTunes giftcard for someone brave enough to purchase 4 copies (in a single order!) of my book BLACK LOVE: Challenging the Status Quo.

I’ve been close friends with iTunes lately! Here’s my most recent purchases:

  • ZhaneSaturday Night (complete w/ High school flashbacks)
  • Ester Hicks e-books (keeps me inspired on the law of attraction edge)
  • A few songs from Loose Ends (I’m an 80’s baby, okay?)
  • A couple of songs by Raphael Saadiq (don’t sleep on his retro sounds!)

Purchase a Copy of BLACK LOVE for $10!


As I am surrounded by 30 copies of books to be signed for 30 wonderful people, I pondered on how blessed I am to have the support of the community; who has an interest in the message I am sharing. The thought has me feelin’ good today, so now would be a great time to transform my regular price of $15 to $10 for my well-received book, BLACK LOVE: Challenging the Status Quo. Click HERE to partake in this special (hurry, hurry, hurry)! Thank you in advance for your support!

Inspiration, Shoes, and a Lesson in Customer Service


Yesterday was a creative ‘slump’ for me, as juggling too many things without taking a break can stifle the creative flow at times. I received an email from a fashion accessory artisan who creates work that gives me chills (in a positive context). Excellent source of inspiration. Heard of Peace Images?


After managing inbound/outbound emails, I decided to get outside, get some air, and run some errands. What an amazing choice that was. Here’s the scoop:

I (finally) made the visit to Charli Shoe Boutique in the “Pico Village” (the district between Fairfax and La Brea), and I must say that I am absolutely impressed. Having heard of this store through a Facebook friend’s post a long time ago, I was excited about a Black-owned shoe business that have people posting their praises on their profile status (and you know posting statuses is a sacred act for many).  Ladies, if you’re shoe fan (or your woman is a shoe fan)….GO VISIT CHARLI SHOE BOUTIQUE.

If you saw the shopping bag she handed me (with giftbag tissue and decorative straw ribbon), you’d thought I dropped $1,300 on some 2011 Spring wedges, when actually I only spent $10 on some cute sandals. She added quarters in my parking meter, so that I could visit a new stationary, event planning and gift boutique next door (birthday cards – check!). Amazing customer service and personality, I tell ya. Please patronize her store, and tell her Shay sent you!

Charli – Shoes and Accessories
5565 W. Pico Blvd.
LA, CA 90019
p. 323.964.9744
e. charli5565w.pico@yahoo.com

And while you’re there…

Cordially Invited/Party Paper Wrap
5571 W. Pico Blvd. (next door to Charli)
LA, CA 90019
p. 323.931.0200
(pssst…there’s a cupcake shop inside…let me know if they have vegan options!)